Canaryseed Development Commission of Saskatchewan

Canaryseed Development Commission of Saskatchewan

The Canaryseed Development Commission of Saskatchewan was established in 2006 following meetings and consultations that showed majority support for a producer levy on canaryseed sales.

The levy is a flat $1.75 per tonne. The levy is mandatory, but refundable. Buyers are required to deduct the levy when producers sell their crop. However, prior to August 31, producers can apply to the commission for a refund of their levies paid during the previous crop year. Contact the CDCS office for the appropriate refund forms.

Producers who have sold canaryseed in the last three years and who have not requested a refund in the past year are eligible to vote at the annual meeting and to run for the position of director.

Governed by canaryseed producers, the CDCS has successfully achieved novel food approval for glabrous de-hulled canaryseed in both Canada and the U.S. It’s hoped that human food usage will increase the overall market for canaryseed in the years ahead.

The commission also funds canaryseed breeding and agronomic work.